Yianna and Eelke's Ceremonial Rings

Yianna and Eelke's Ceremonial Rings

The absolutely lovely Yianna and Eelke came in for their bespoke appointment earlier this year in search of some special ceremonial rings for their engagement and wedding. 

After Yianna tried on some of our ready to shop styles, we showed her a big green pear shaped Australian parti sapphire that she immediately fell for. It is such a gorgeous stone we honestly can't blame her! 

In the past we have paired pear stones with round accent diamonds, but when we tried this out in a line up it wasn't quite hitting the spot. Yianna suggested using pear diamonds instead of round for the outermost stones. 

And with that, we knew we had found the right line up! She also wanted to design her wedding band at the same time, so the pair looked like a match made in heaven. We ended up using our Elizabeth ring as a jumping off point and modified the centre stone from round to pear, so it carried the shape through the stack. 

And then it was time for Eelke to choose his! He had always imagined white gold, but also liked the idea of having some matching elements to his partners. We took a look at some sapphires that would work in a band and he selected this stunning Australian sapphire baguette. We also had the idea of doing a thin band of rose gold on the top and bottom of his white gold, so the colours in Yianna's ring were carried into Eelke's. 

We have to say that these three rings might just top our list of favourite ceremonial sets we've made so far. All the elements came together so harmoniously and it pushed us out of our normal in a way that was so refreshing. 

A huge congratulations to Yianna and Eelke, thank you for choosing us to work on these very special pieces.