Wedding Bands

We create all types of wedding bands for all genders. Because wedding bands vary so greatly in both size and style, we provide a quote based on your specifications. If possible, we prefer to meet in person to discuss the best wedding band for you.

These are the things we need to know when providing a wedding band quote: 

1. Metal.

9ct gold, 18ct gold or something else. More information about different golds can be found here

2. Size.

We use Australian sizes A-Z+ and half sizes. You can come into our store to be sized, or order a multisizer online to size yourself from home

3. Style.

We make classic band styles, or rings that sit flush beside your engagement ring. If you are looking for a classic style, think about the width of the band you may like. If you would like a fitted style, send us a photo of your engagement ring, and any example wedding bands that you like the style of. 

4. Timeframe.

Simple wedding bands can usually be turned around in around 8 weeks (we will confirm with you when you enquire), while fitted styles can take up to 12 weeks. Always leave as much time as possible so if there are production delays you aren't feeling stressed before your big day! 

Send us an email at with the above details and we will get your quote moving! Alternatively you can call, email or click here to book a time to discuss your wedding bands with our jeweller.