The Ultimate Ring Sizing Guide - How to size your finger and things to consider

The Ultimate Ring Sizing Guide - How to size your finger and things to consider

We'll be the first to admit that ring sizing can be tricky business. Finger size can change from season to season, morning to evening, during pregnancy and breastfeeding and due to some medications. 

Firstly, please do not use the print outs you find online that you wrap around your finger, nor should you use a piece of string to size. A piece of paper or string will conform to the shape of your finger in a way that a metal ring doesn't. Even getting it wrong by a millimetre can make your ring too small or too big. If you choose to size in this way, we cannot be responsible if your ring doesn't fit. 

Please come into the store to be sized, or purchase a ring sizer. These are the only reliable ways to have your finger sized.  

Here are a few things to keep in mind when getting your finger sized:

  • Fingers are typically bigger in the morning, when you're hot or when you've recently consumed a lot of alcohol or salt
  • Fingers will shrink when you are cold or swimming in cold water
  • Fingers will be bigger in Summer and smaller in Winter
  • Fingers can swell considerably when you sleep or fly
  • Wider bands fit the finger more snugly than narrow bands 

The reason your fingers change in the seasons is due to the body's vasoconstriction and vasodilation during Winter and Summer respectively. This process is where your body tries to keep your core warm by reducing blood flow to the extremities, causing shrinking. Or when the body tries cool your core down by sending blood flow to your extremities so it can be released into the environment via your skin as heat and sweat. 

This means that when you are purchasing a ring in Winter you will have to find a size that is tight enough that it's not going to fall off, but loose enough so that you can allow for swelling in Summer. 

And when sizing in Summer, you need to choose a size that is not so tight that it's strangling your finger, but tight enough that in the cooler months it won't be falling off. 

Your finger shape also has a lot to do with the way a ring will fit. Some people have quite knuckle-y fingers, so finding the size that fits over the knuckle comfortably is key. Others have more triangular shaped fingers with knuckles that don't help to hold the ring on as much, so finding a size that fits snugly on the finger is key. All hands are different and we can help advise you when choosing your size in store. 

You might know your US size, but be unsure about your AU size, or vice versa. Below is a handy chart we use to convert ring sizing across from the different measurements. If you don't know either of your sizes, you can purchase a ring multisizer from our online store and size your ring finger from home.