Custom Garnet Ring

Our beautiful customer Shannon, who has had a few custom LoveHate pieces made over the years, recently brought us in this heirloom Garnet that had been passed down from her Dad to celebrate the birth of one of her children. She dropped off the ring and told me to go wild with the design, which was music to my ears.

Garnets come in many beautiful colours and this one is a deep, rusty brown, not the blood red you usually see. Truly a striking and unique stone. So we knew we had to come up with a very special setting for it. 

I envisaged a crown of smaller complimentary stones framing the larger stone and played around with placing some smaller sapphires, citrines and garnets in some moulding putty to see how they would look. 

I loved the gentle gradient in colour and size, and these stones really brought out the warmth in the garnet. Luckily Shannon did too, and I got the go ahead to create the setting. 

The band and settings are 9ct yellow gold and in order from top to bottom the stones are sapphire, sapphire, citrine, garnet, citrine, sapphire, sapphire. The claw settings add a lovely flare to the ring that accentuates and highlights the warmth, it almost reminds me of a little crackling fire. 

Another angle that is a little washed out, but shows the setting well. 

This ring was an absolute pleasure to work on and we are always so honoured to work with sentimental stones and creating meaningful pieces.