Ring Sizing: How to Find the Right Fit

Ring sizing can be tricky business and when you're investing in a special ring, it pays to get the right fit. There are a few things to keep in mind about fingers and sizing. 
1. Fingers are bigger in the morning and smaller in the evening. Your fingers swell while you sleep and then shrink back down in the day. . 
2. Fingers are bigger in Summer and smaller in Winter. This, sadly, is impossible to avoid. The good thing is that your knuckle bones don't change size. So, a snug fit in Summer may be a slightly looser fit in Winter, but when your knuckle secures it onto your finger, there is little chance it will slide off. For the same reason, fingers will be bigger just after exercising, so best not to book your appointment with us directly after the gym.

3. A wider band will fit more snugly on the finger than a narrow band will. Often jewellers will have a set of ring sizers that doesn't match the width of your ring, so it's important to keep in mind the width of the band when you are being sized. If you have a thin band ring, a thick ring sizer that fits snugly will be better. If you have a thick band ring, a thin ring sizer that feels ever so slightly big will be better. 

Regardless of how professionally you were sized, things can in production (especially with handmade jewellery) and your ring may feel a little tight or a little loose. It's definitely not the end of the world. We are happy to resize your ring to ensure a fit that makes you feel comfortable and secure wearing your new precious ring out into the world.