Lisette Ring

My grandfather was a lapidarist (stone cutter), and family lore has it that that's where my lifelong love of jewellery began; crouched over his trays of gems, marvelling at how beautiful they looked under the magnifier. 

I had many of his stones passed down to me and because they are so special, I often have a hard time decided on what kind of rings to make with them. This Australian Parti Sapphire was no different. After many abandoned sketches over the years, I had the stone in front of me again, determined that I was going to make something beautiful with it. 

Inspired by the unique "coffin" shape of the stone, I tried a few designs before settling on this design, a sideways kite-shape with finely etched edges and two accent diamonds. The shank gives way to slightly elevated shoulders, allowing the ring to sit flat and comfortable on the fingers.

This special stone really deserves the 18ct yellow gold home it now has, but it's looking for someone to wear it! You can buy the Lisette Ring on our online store, or come by to view it in the shop where we can size your finger to ensure the best fit.