Heirloom diamonds remodelled into three rings for sisters

We love when our customers bring their heirloom stones in for us to remodel into new jewellery. Lovely Ruby got in touch with a ring from her mother who had recently passed. She and her two sisters each wanted a ring with the diamonds from their Mum's ring incorporated.

In the photo below the top ring has the heirloom diamond in the centre, with two pink sapphires as accent stones in rose gold.

The middle ring has the diamond in a white gold setting and yellow gold band, as this sister likes to mix her metals so wanted a little bit of both.

The bottom ring has the original centre stone from the ring as its own centre stone, with added graduating sized diamonds to the sides in rose gold.  


It was really special to create three very different ring styles for the three sisters, who now get to wear a piece of their Mum with them every day.