Custom Hex Star Engagement Ring

A lovely couple dropped in to see us in North Fitzroy, looking for an engagement ring. They were originally from the UK but had been living here in Melbourne for several years, and they were about to return home to get married and settle down closer to their families. To commemorate their time in Australia, they were looking for a ring with some uniquely Australian qualities and the wearer of the ring wasn't too into jewellery, so wanted a simple and unfussy style.

The Hex Star Ring was chosen, for it's simple yet modern style and at first they were interested in using an Australian Opal as the main stone in their ring. While we agree that the opal is a beautiful stone, it's quite brittle, so it's not the best stone to use in a ring that will be worn everyday. We showed the couple a few more Australian stones we had on hand, and this petite Australian Garnet caught their eye. 


We were so happy with the way the 18ct Rose Gold and the Garnet compliment each other, and we were proud to send this young couple home to the UK with their Australian made custom engagement ring.