Custom Alice Ring with Australian Sapphire

Late last year we had a lovely customer approach us looking to make a custom engagement ring using a beautiful sapphire that had been handed down to him. 

He showed us this beautifully inky blue stone, which really took our breath away. 


He had a look at some of our existing settings in the cabinet and was drawn to the Alice Ring, with it's six prong claw setting and flat to knife edge band. It was just the right mix of classic and feminine to offset the moody stone. 


We made the ring and set the stone, and he was so thrilled when he came to pick it up! The soft and buttery 9ct yellow gold and the Australian Sapphire are a match made in heaven. We sent him on his way with our fingers crossed for the proposal - and she said yes!


If you have any heirloom stones or jewellery you would like to have remodelled into something you will wear, send us an email or give us a call to book a time to meet and discuss the possibilities!