Custom 18ct Gold Stacking Rings with Heirloom Diamonds

Our lovely customer Liz has had her grandmothers ring collecting dust in a draw for many years, so she decided to bring it into us to recreate it into a fresher style that she will actually wear. 

She brought the ring in, which featured a beautiful big diamond in the centre and a collection of smaller diamonds set into 18ct gold. We chatted about designs and settled upon a 3 ring stack with different but complementary settings.

First things first, I had to cut up the old ring and separate the diamonds and the metal. 

Next I melted down the gold into a nice nugget. 

Now comes the heavy lifting. I used our manual roller to roll the gold nugget down and down into a rod to be formed into the main rink shank.

This is the rough formation of the ring shank before sanding and polishing. 

A few more steps are skipped here, including sanding, making and soldering the settings to the shanks and the gem setting and their final polishing. But here are the finished rings. 

We bezel set the large diamond for the centre of the stack and created a version of our Star Set Hex ring with a thicker band, and finished the stack with an asymmetrical double claw set ring. 

Liz was thrilled with the outcome and we are now working on turning some of the leftover diamonds into a pendant for her Grandmother.