Everyday Jewellery

Everyday Jewellery

Our Everyday designer jewellery range is a collection of classic pieces in high quality metals. Featuring some old favourites and new highlights, these pieces are designed to be beautifully simple and effortless for everyday wear.


All of our everyday pieces are made of solid sterling silver 925. They are finished in a 14k gold plate, 18k rose gold plate or simply in sterling silver. 

We use sterling silver to ensure that these pieces are high quality, durable and un-reactive - perfect for wear, day in, day out. In particular, we find that sterling silver is the best for people who have sensitive ears and the metal won't leave coloured marks on your skin. 

To care for your everyday jewellery, we recommend avoiding too much contact with water, harsh soaps and perfumes. Try not to leave your pieces in humid rooms like bathrooms and if your pieces do eventually tarnish, they can be polished with a normal polishing cloth. The other thing we love about sterling silver is that the more you wear it, the less likely it is to tarnish!

The Everyday range includes: stud earrings, hanging earrings, sleeper earrings, rings and necklaces

Pair with: Anything and everything! Wear alone or mix and match. These pieces are just so easy.

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