Great Heights

Great Heights

A sparkling Swarovski crystal stone held in a dynamic elevated claw setting, our Great Heights pieces are here!

Made in Austria, Swarovski crystals are luxury cut lead glass. To create the amazing sparkle, the calcium component of standard glass is replaced with lead - improving the look of the glass which is then cut with an advanced crystal cutter to provide the many splendid facets and sparkle. Some colours are also given different coatings to provide their unique finish. 

All pieces in our Great Heights range are available in sterling silver, sterling silver with a 14k gold plate and sterling silver with a rose gold plate.

The Great Heights collection includes: Necklaces, Earrings and Rings

Pair With: Any time you are keen to add a little drama or glamour to an outfit, our Great Heights pieces are a fun option! Fancy enough to wear out or playful enough for day, they also sit sweetly alongside our: Hanging Ogee Necklace, Petite Royal Stars and Ogee Charm Necklace

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